“Sounding ‘nordic’ and swinging at the same time has proven difficult. Maratone Quintet, a Helsinki-based instrumental jazz combo, proves they might have found the right path.” (Finnish Music Quarterly 1/2009)

Consisting of five individual and talented musicians, Maratone Quintet was actively performing and producing albums from 2004 until 2015. The quintet participated The Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2006 – jazz ensemble competition receiving good reviews in the media. Besides touring extensively its native Finland, the group has performed in Estonia, Spain and Norway.

Maratone Quintet’s music is a combination of rhythmic Afro-American influences and Nordic “cool” sounds. The Quintet’s repertoire consists entirely of originals composed by the members of the band; the music covers a wide emotional spectrum from tight rhythmical textures to eloquent melodies. Maratone Quintet’s debut album Setting Out was released December 2008 by Free Agent Records. The group’s second album Finding The Way was released September 2012 by Prophone Records.